About Us

Lucknow Chikan’  a unique never before collection for men, women and children. Masterpieces all. Ethnic. Whites. Pastel. Colours. Combined to add more elaan to cuts that further the magic on you.

Every ‘Lucknow Chikan’ garment is passionately created by a team of reputed, specialty women artisans of Lucknow. Each garment crafted over months. Passion binding together Threads, Designs, Cuts. And Pride. On pure fabrics, Georgettes, Crapes, Silk and Tussar, Cottons and Mals..

Fabrics enhanced by a range of traditional embroidery patterns, passed down from generation to generation – Shadow, Phanda, Jaali, Daraz, Keel, Applique, Ghaasphus, Patti, Crochet.. Adorned by the charm of zardozi. Skill embroidered into art. And much more.

Come, experience ‘Lucknow Chikan’ take Lucknowi Chikan embroidery to a new, never-before high.