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We also undertake Job-works / Order Works and Custom Orders. However kindly bear in mind the following before placing any orders.

1. Time: All our products are hand embroidered. This embroidery is done in small villages near Lucknow. It is a cottage industry. Hence to manufacturing any product takes plenty of time from 1 mth (very light embroidery) to 2-3 months (medium embroidery) to 6+ months (heavy embroidery). So if you don't have time it is ideal to select from our range of ready products, which have been developed keeping in mind an international market.

2. Quantity: When we manufacture as per custom requirements, due to our scale of production we are unable to take any order of lesser than a 100 pieces each design.

However it is also possible that we have already manufactured or are in the process of manufacturing the product which you want. In that case you can get the product faster and also in lesser quantities. Besides due to some restrictions we have not put up many products.

You can also Contact Us for further details. However you can also refer to the FAQ, since we have compiled some commonly asked questions and their answers for your ready reference.
Please fill your requirements below. If you have already filled the wholesale enquiry form you can mention only your name leave the address and contact number details.

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